The Arvor 215AS is 690 cm long.

It has asymmetrical cabin which makes it easy to walk to the front. Approved for 6 persons. 

It has a diesel engine and a magnetic key for filling fuel from the tank in the harbor.

This boats have fishfinder and two map plotter units. 

Boat driving certificate.

From 01.05.2010, people born after 01.01.1980 need a certificate to drive a boat in Norway if the boat is longer than 8 m and/or the engine has more than 25 HP. 

Approved for 6 persons. 


Every diesel boat has an unique magnetic key so that you can fill up with fuel in the boat harbor. The filling data is stored on the pump unit and read by the hosts when we are informed that the boat has been washed, refueled full and ready for inspection.

Petrol for the boats with outboard engines must be picked up at the COOP shop (approx. 1.5 km away). We are helpful in bringing petrol to guests staying at motorhome pitches.


prices 2024

UNIT HP Price 1 day Price 2-5 days Price 6-11 days Price >=12 days
Arvor 215AS 115 1950 1850 1700
Arvor 690 115 1950 1850 1700
Arvor 230 150 2300 2150 2050