Current export rules for fishing tourists

Export regulations valid from 2021:

It is permitted to export fish products out of the country if it can be documented that the products meet one or more of these requirements:

  • Purchased from a registered trader (receipt / original packaging).
  • Purchased from a brand-registered vessel and taken over from the vessel owner. This must be documented by presenting the final note from the vessel owner.
  • Caught at a registered tourist fishing establishment. It is permitted to bring up to 18 kg of fish and fish fillet up to twice a year if you have fished during a stay at a registered fishing tourism company and have a certified catch list.
  • The fish are freshwater fish (Salmon, trout and char are not covered by the export quota).


In the event of a violation, all fish and all fish products can be seized and the matter will be reported to the police.

The fine for fish smugglers who take illegal fish out of Norway is NOK 8,000 and in addition NOK 200 per kilo of fish or fish product.