Hardy 17 Fisher

Hardy 17 Fisher is 525 cm (17.5 feet) long.

The boat is light, easy to drive, fuel-friendly and stable. It has two buoyancy chambers, which makes it a safe boat (does not sink if you get rid of weight on board).

The boats have 25 or 40 HP 4-stroke petrol outboard engine. Sonar and chart plotter.

From 01.05.2010, a boat driver’s license is required for persons born after 01.01.1980 when using a boat with a length of more than 8 m and / or an engine over 25 Hp.

Approved for 6 people.


Petrol for the boats with outboard engines must be picked up at the COOP shop (approx. 1.5 km away). We are helpful in bringing petrol to guests staying at motorhome pitches.



UNIT HP Price 1 day Price 2-5 days Price 6-11 days Price >=12 days